Dyslexic Disruptors

Let your company flourish without having to hire new talent.

Capitalize on the innate dyslexic thinking talents in your midst.

(1 in 5 employees has the skillset of Dyslexic Thinking)


Did you know replacing and onboarding new staff will cost you at least 3x more than up-levelling existing employees?

In today's corporate landscape, a remarkable transformation is taking place as organisations recognise the immense value of neurodiversity. This is more than just a trend; it's a game-changing shift.


Studies have unveiled a powerful secret: neurodiverse teams consistently outperform their neurotypical counterparts, boosting productivity levels up to 30% higher.

While only one in five dyslexic thinkers feel their employers fully understand their strengths, the potential benefits of unlocking their talents are evident.


Embracing dyslexia in the workplace not only promotes inclusion but also future-proofs businesses by harnessing the power of diverse thinking.


So, the next time you encounter a dyslexic thinker in your team or organization, recognise their unique strengths and contributions. By doing so, you'll be tapping into a wellspring of innovation and creativity that can drive success in the modern workplace.

‘It's the out-of-the-box thinkers that make companies competitive, the crazy ones, the dyslexics!’

Kevin O’Leary


World's First Neurodiversity Seal: A Monumental Collaboration Between Dyslexic Disruptors and Top Employer Institute


At the heart of Dyslexic Disruptors has always been an aspiration - a vision to introduce a certificate celebrating Neurodiversity, not just within businesses but also in educational institutions. While the idea brewed passionately within us, finding the perfect partner to bring this dream to life was a quest. And after months of search, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the world-renowned Top Employer Institute.


Top Employer Institute stands tall as a global authority in recognizing exemplary employment practices. With a legacy of certifying over 2,200 organizations spanning 122 countries and regions, they have made a colossal impact, touching the lives of approximately 9 million employees across the globe. Their reputation and expertise make them the ideal partner for this ambitious endeavor.


The synergy was evident right from our initial conversations in the summer of 2022. The Institute greeted our proposal with immediate enthusiasm, understanding the gravity and potential of such an initiative. The latter half of 2022 saw us immersed in concept development, aligning our vision, and laying the groundwork for the world's first Neurodiversity Seal.


The road ahead is mapped out meticulously. We are gearing up to introduce a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in early 2023, which will be field-tested with 20 clients worldwide. This will pave the way for the official launch of the B2B Neurodiversity Seal in 2024.


But our ambition doesn't halt there.


2024 will also mark the advent of the Neurodiversity Seal designed specifically for educational institutions. It's not just about recognition but empowerment. This version aims to offer these institutions a detailed roadmap, guiding them on integrating Neurodiversity seamlessly into their curriculum. The overarching goal is to bolster neurodiverse learners, empowering them to harness their innate strengths while navigating the mandatory scholastic landscape.

The journey has only just begun, but the horizon promises transformation, inclusivity, and a celebration of the beautiful spectrum of human cognition.