Dyslexic Disruptors

Let your company flourish without having to hire new talent.

Capitalize on the innate dyslexic thinking talents in your midst.

(1 in 5 employees has the skillset of Dyslexic Thinking)


Did you know replacing and onboarding new staff will cost you at least 3x more than up-levelling existing employees?

In today's corporate landscape, a remarkable transformation is taking place as organisations recognise the immense value of neurodiversity. This is more than just a trend; it's a game-changing shift.


Studies have unveiled a powerful secret: neurodiverse teams consistently outperform their neurotypical counterparts, boosting productivity levels up to 30% higher.

While only one in five dyslexic thinkers feel their employers fully understand their strengths, the potential benefits of unlocking their talents are evident.


Embracing dyslexia in the workplace not only promotes inclusion but also future-proofs businesses by harnessing the power of diverse thinking.


So, the next time you encounter a dyslexic thinker in your team or organization, recognise their unique strengths and contributions. By doing so, you'll be tapping into a wellspring of innovation and creativity that can drive success in the modern workplace.

‘It's the out-of-the-box thinkers that make companies competitive, the crazy ones, the dyslexics!’

Kevin O’Leary


The Neurological Powerhouse: Unveiling Dyslexic Thinking



In the dynamic world of business, the power of thinking differently is a coveted asset. Dyslexic thinking, often misunderstood and overlooked, is emerging as a neurological powerhouse in this arena. Characterized by unique cognitive processes, dyslexic thinking goes beyond the conventional, offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. This post delves into the essence of dyslexic thinking, unraveling its potential as a driving force in business and beyond.


Defining Dyslexic Thinking

At its core, dyslexic thinking embodies a unique set of cognitive skills that offer distinct advantages in various domains. It includes a natural talent for visualizing concepts, imaginative thinking, and clear, creative communication. Crucially, while these skills are often innate in dyslexic individuals, they are not exclusive to them. With the right training and environment, all individuals can cultivate and benefit from dyslexic thinking, tapping into a broader spectrum of creative and strategic problem-solving abilities. This inclusive approach not only enriches individual capabilities but also empowers businesses with a diverse range of innovative solutions.


Neurological Influence of Dyslexia on Creativity and Problem-Solving

Dyslexia profoundly influences the neurological functioning of the brain, particularly in areas like creativity and complex problem-solving. People with dyslexia often possess a 'big picture' perspective, enabling them to excel in divergent thinking - the ability to generate multiple solutions to a given problem. This neurological wiring fosters an environment where creativity is not just a skill but a natural way of approaching challenges. It explains why many in artistic, architectural, and engineering fields, where such thinking is invaluable, are dyslexic. For businesses, leveraging these neurological strengths means tapping into a reservoir of innovative potential, transforming challenges into opportunities.


Dyslexic Thinking as a 'Neurological Powerhouse' in Business

Dyslexic thinking is not just a different way of thinking; it's a powerful force in the business world. Embodying skills like leadership, creativity, complex problem-solving, analytical thinking, and emotional intelligence, dyslexic thinkers bring invaluable assets to any team. These skills, which align closely with the needs of modern workplaces, highlight dyslexic thinking as a 'neurological powerhouse.' By fostering an environment that recognizes and nurtures these abilities, businesses can unlock innovative potential, driving success and future-proofing in an ever-evolving global market.



The exploration of dyslexic thinking as a neurological powerhouse reveals its indispensable role in business. By understanding and harnessing the unique strengths inherent in dyslexic thinking, businesses can foster a culture of innovation and adaptability. As we've seen, dyslexic thinkers are not just participants but leaders in shaping the future of business.


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